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Humanity’s future will largely be determined by the cities we create today.

In 2008, for the first time in human history, the number of people living in urban environments surpassed the number of people living in rural areas—bringing cities to the forefront of priorities for policy-makers, designers, and environmentalists. By 2050, we estimate that the number of people living in cities will grow to 75% of the global population, adding tremendous pressure in a very short time on cities’ physical, social and political infrastructure.

Most striking, perhaps, is the fact that 60% of the cities of 2050 have not yet been built.

Cities & Connectivity: The Epitome of Progress

With challenges come great opportunities, and it’s no understatement to say that humanity’s future will largely be determined by the cities that this generation is creating today. But we need to act fast. And that’s where progrss comes in: by creating global conversations between cities, communities and innovators from the north, south, east and west, progrss is continually connecting the people and ideas shaping our urban future to activate all city stakeholders. That’s our mission.

We believe that our ability to reinvent our cities and create seamless connectivity—that encourages the flow of knowledge, data, people, goods, and capital—will be the key to humanity’s progress in the 21st century.

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The Trinity of Progrss

Progrss.com is the online go-to hub for innovation, trends and best practices in the transformation of cities all over the world. Through in-depth features, interviews, news, and data analysis & visualization, progrss.com decodes knowledge, information and insights on cities and their innovators (both present and future) as the world gears up for an increasingly urbanized existence.

Progrss Ventures are joint projects we undertake in different cities around the world in collaboration with local entrepreneurs to complement our global ecosystem and advance our vision and mission. We invest and collaborate with businesses or nonprofits.

Progrss Expo will be an annual, inspiring event launched in October 2018 that brings together innovators and key city changemakers from around the world for live meetings and showcases of urban innovation and trends to create a global platform of collaboration and connectivity.

Want to collaborate? Send an email to collaborate@progrss.com. We read and respond to every email.

progrss was founded by social entrepreneur Mohamed Helmy,  founder of MasterPeace.