Farid Tabarki

Reading Time: 2 minutes Rave-olution. Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash.


Club culture provides something of much more importance than just hedonism or fun times with friends: club culture represents freedom and tolerance.
Reading Time: 2 minutes The power of love

The Power Of Love

Farid Tabarki returns, taking on ‘The power of love,’ on Harry and Meghan, The World Happiness Report, The Congress of Europe, and Varna.
Reading Time: 2 minutes Fast, faster, fastest by Farid Tabarki

Fast, Faster, Fastest

Farid Tabarki returns to discuss Justin Trudeau, fast-fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz, weapons of acceleration and Polish sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman.
Reading Time: 2 minutes Springboard to the future: education

Springboard To The Future

Farid Tabarki returns to take on Sufism, future-oriented vocational education, columnist Idriss Aberkane, and lateral thinking.
Reading Time: 2 minutes louvre

Race To The Bottom 

Farid Tabarki takes on Abu Dhabi's new Louvre Museum, pharaonic span, Guangming's World Building of the Year, and cobalt.
Reading Time: 2 minutes ditziness

A Certain Degree Of Ditziness Is Beneficial

Farid Tabarki returns to take on Tintin's Cuthbert Calculus, intelligent decision-making, blockchain, memory and ditziness, and creative destruction.
Reading Time: 2 minutes meat by farid tabarki


Farid Tabarki takes on meat, beef lynchings, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Dutch politician Marianne Thieme, and greenhouse gas reduction targets.
Reading Time: 2 minutes terminator-2-judgement-day


Farid Tabarki returns to write about Terminator, artificial intelligence, Vladimir Putin, the Third World War, and human rules.
Reading Time: 2 minutes The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow

Farid Tabarki writes about the day after tomorrow, science fiction, views of mankind, writer Isaac Asimov, and Star Trek.