Daniel Alvarado

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Revenge of Tlaloc: Water Crises & Regeneration in Mexico City

In the first article of this two-part series, we delve into the history of the Tenochtitlan - the Aztec capital upon which Mexico City was built - to examine the origins of the city's water crisis and the various ways that communities past and present have dealt with it.
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Another Way Forward: Communities Battle Against Gentrification

In the first installment of this two-part article, we outlined some of the interventions that cities have used to grapple with gentrification through legislation, incentives and public investment. While these moves are encouraging, they are almost always within the bounds of growth-machine approved policies that dominate North American and European municipal politics. In this part, we outline some of the ways that people are organizing at the grassroots and non-profit levels to address gentrification where city policy has failed them. These solutions often run outside or even counter to pro-growth city policies, and draw from alternative economic models, old and new.
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Gentrification & The City: Taming the Growth Machine

Gentrification is quickly becoming one of the foremost issues for cities looking to ensure that regeneration is both inclusive and engaging of their existing populations. In this two-part article, we present some of the solutions to gentrification that are today being implemented in cities across North America and Europe. The first part will investigate what governments are doing to tame gentrification without doing serious damage to their own lucrative growth machine. In the second part, we will explore solutions being implemented at the grassroots level that draw on alternative economic models both new and old that confront the very concept that cities necessarily need to grow to be successful.