Jack Barrie

Reading Time: 7 minutes mobility

Mobility: The Lifeblood of Circular Cities

In the final piece in our series on circular cities, we look at how today's mobility policies can help us create cities that are more efficient, equitable and environmentally-friendly.
Reading Time: 7 minutes food systems

The Recipe for Urban Circular Food Systems

With almost 1.3 billion tons of food waste produced annually, we look at some of the ways that food systems can be adapted to become more circular - and less wasteful.
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Circular Cities: Building an Urban Future

From retrofitting and optimizing existing buildings to designing and building sustainable structures for the future, we look at some of the ways that circularity can be designed into urban architecture.
Reading Time: 5 minutes circular energy systems

Energy Systems: How Will Circular Cities Power Themselves?

As cities lead the way in the circular economy transition, they face many challenges. We look at the latest developments - and major challenges - of building renewable and resilient energy systems for our cities.