Yasmin Galal

Reading Time: 13 minutes

San Francisco: From Wall Street of the West to TAMI Town

Once the pinnacle of the West Coast's finance and banking industries, San Francisco's development since World War II have transformed it into a mecca for arts, culture and indeed counterculture - and it wasn't long before the technology industry followed. Here, we trace the iconic city's rise and rise again, but it isn't without its challenges.
Reading Time: 9 minutes Atlanta Urban Sprawl

Lights, Camera, Action: Atlanta’s Urban Sprawl Take 2

A case-study in urban sprawl, Atlanta's rapid development was not without its problems. Today, issues of segregation, mobility, community-closeness and access to opportunity are being solved by innovative private-public-partnerships and a fostering of local pride through the revitalization of the city's urban core.
Reading Time: 10 minutes Atlanta Skyline

Atlanta: The Southern Belle That Soared

In the first of our features on Atlanta, Georgia's transformation, we look at the developments since the 1990s that have accelerated the city's development from a transport and logistics hub to a progressive destination, where business, government and academia collide to create a prosperous future.
Reading Time: 10 minutes

Austin: Wonderful, Wired and Weird

Constantly topping lists in terms of economic growth, job creation and liveablity, Austin has transformed over the last few decades to become one of, if not the most, exciting American cities. Between a tech industry that's outpacing the rest, a collaborative government and an iconic arts and music scene, we find out what makes Austin tick...