Reading Time: 2 minutes ditziness

A Certain Degree Of Ditziness Is Beneficial

Farid Tabarki returns to take on Tintin's Cuthbert Calculus, intelligent decision-making, blockchain, memory and ditziness, and creative destruction.
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tesla’s New Semi: Groundbreaking Business?

Tesla's Thursday release of its new semi-truck, also known as "Semi," has many asking questions about whether it will make it or break it on the long-haul market.
Reading Time: 2 minutes Japan's Super Welfare Expo

Japan’s Super Welfare Expo: Toward More Inclusive Society

The annual Super Welfare Expo in Shibuya, Japan gathers a designers and artists as well as community members to talk about urban accessibility and mobility and showcase attempts to make Tokyo a more inclusive and diverse city.
Reading Time: 6 minutes Bey2ollak

Bey2ollak: A Mobility App Challenging Cairo’s Status Quo

We speak to the co-founder and CEO of Cairo's pioneering mobility app Bey2ollak about how the mobility market is changing in Egypt, the company's most recent projects and their upcoming move to urbantech hub KMT House.