Reading Time: 10 minutes Humboldt Forum

Humboldt Forum: Urban Vice or Virtue in the Heart of Berlin

As it inches closer to inauguration, the Humboldt Forum has become a flash point for Berliners' frustration with the inability of the German government to address its history with colonialism and the implications of urban development in Berlin.
Reading Time: 2 minutes Rave-olution. Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash.


Club culture provides something of much more importance than just hedonism or fun times with friends: club culture represents freedom and tolerance.
Reading Time: 5 minutes From the Egyptian Pavilion at the Architecture Exhibition at Venice Biennale. Courtesy of Roba Becciah.

Roba Becciah: The Informal City – Informality And The Modern Metropolis

This year's Egypt Pavilion at the Venice Beinnale, "Roba Becciah: The Informal City," takes on free, unstructured, informal trading in cities like Cairo. We speak with architecture professor Cristiano Luchetti, one of the co-curators of the exhibit, on how unstructured urban markets can help us rethink free space in our cities.