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New Orleans: The Culture of Resilient Music Arises After Katrina

New Orleans, the Big Easy or simply NOLA—it is the multicultural, cosmopolitan land of brass, jazz and blues that's survived many economic struggles and natural disasters and has somehow maintained its resilient spirit. We continue with our #CreativeCitiesUSA series to see how the city has rebuilt itself since Hurricane Katrina.
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Sheffield: The City of Steel Casts a Creative Future

Known for its legacy in metalwork, Sheffield post-industrial economy is shaped by more than cutlery and steel. Notoriously dubbed the ugliest town in the UK by George Orwell in the 1930s, the South Yorkshire city has reinvented itself into a place that embraces its heritage in arts and making through a wave of private-public partnerships that champion innovation in creative output. Continuing our #CreativeCitiesUK series, we delve into the makers, initiatives and spaces that have contributed to Sheffield's creative transformation.
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New York City: The Reprise Of A Music City

Having spurred handfuls of musical genres and, in turn, had plenty of anthems dedicated to its unique vibe, New York City has long been a hotbed for music making, from inspiration to production, and, of course, performance. However, while the City has focused its energy and resources on TV, film and advertising in the last 20 years, the music industry has not received the same support - despite its globally recognized influence. Continuing our #CreativeCitiesUSA project, progrss takes a bite of the Big Apple and discovers how the music industry continues to flourish in the face of a changing urban landscape and how the City is finally paying attention.
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London Mayor Fights for Artists’ Rights to the City

Sadiq Khan has been working with a consortium of entrepreneurs and philanthropists, known as Studiomakers, to tackle issues of artist displacement through the newly established Creative Land Trust.
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Glasgow: Where Creativity Creates a Sense of Place

With an interesting history in which both arts and heavy industry play crucial roles, Glasgow has become more and more resilient to social and economic strife. In the latest installment of our #CreativeCitiesUK series, we delve into the city's creative industries and find they have an increasing influence on Glasgow's urban development, despite the challenges faced by independent and socially-driven companies. Can Glasgow follow in Edinburgh's footsteps, and rely on creativity and culture to change its physical and socioeconomic landscape?
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#Habitat3: Where is the Culture in the New Urban Agenda?

With culture at the core of his Glasgow-based urban design practice, Dele Adeyemo finds that the New Urban Agenda and the events at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, do not quite realize the importance of culture as a cornerstone for development.