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Desire Lines: How Edinburgh Artists Make Their Voices Heard

As part of our #CreativeCitiesUK series on Edinburgh, we delve into the innovative and influential grassroots lobby, by the creative and cultural industries, for the creative and cultural industries. Desire Lines is an actionable document proposed to the City Council, after including hundreds of Edinburgh's creative professionals in the conversation, and has certainly caught politicians' attention.
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The Makings of a Festival City: Can Luxor Learn From Edinburgh?

With history seeping from their pores, picturesque topography and similar population size, the cities of Luxor in Egypt and Edinburgh in Scotland have more in common that one might think. The political unrest in Egypt has impacted Luxor's tourism sector but its inability to capitalize on its cultural festivals, due in part to bureaucratic constraints and a lack of appreciation of modern cultural output, has left the Upper Egyptian city struggling to keep up. Can the heritage city build up a festival economy?
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Edinburgh: Where Creativity and Heritage Collide

With centuries of heritage still intact, Edinburgh, Scotland, has many points of attraction, but none so popular today as the city's 12 cultural festivals, drawing in up to 4.5 million visitors each year. In the first of our #CreativeCitiesUK features, we delve into the iconic Fringe Festival, the independent art scene and the professional creative industries to find out what makes this historic city among the top ranking cultural economies in the world.
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6 Games That Change How We See Our Cities

With augmented reality creeping into everyday life, we imagine games based on real urban infrastructure will only grow. But Pokemon Go isn't the only software getting gamers obsessed with their cities...