Takapuna Sunday Market in Auckland, New Zealand, has been running for 25 years, bringing locals and neighborhoods together to enjoy a celebrated shopping experience. In 2016, however, the city council authorized Panuku Development to sell the venue where the market had always taken place — the 40 Anzac Street carpark. This has been met with disapproval by many Takapuna residents, coupled with an outcry of activism against the company. Locals still have time to speak up and sign a petition by September 4.


Councillors Chris Darby and Richard Hills at the Anzac Street Carpark. Courtesy of Auckland Council.

“We’re intending to create, within that redeveloped carpark area, a grand square connected from the Hurstmere Road by laneways and connecting through to the west side by laneways as well,” says Auckland councillor Chris Darby, adding that there would also be space for a weekend market as part of the proposed redevelopment. “There’ll be a place not just for a six-hour market, but a lot more.”

The vision for the Takapuna carpark is to replace it with new homes, businesses and “well-designed” public open spaces, with laneways linking to Hurstmere Road, Hurstmere Green and the beach. Panaku Development says that it would also involve the Takapuna communities in the planning process of the space, its uses and activities.

This all sounds so balanced in theory, but the angry locals say that much of central Takapuna is already being zoned for high- and medium-rise development. “Panuku Development has largely ignored our 8,500-signature petition and, instead of halting the proposed sale of our public carpark land, is forging ahead with the next step in the process,” their petition on Change.org reads.


Courtesy of Save Takapuna Carpark FB Group

The Takapuna Sunday Market started every weekend at 6 AM and ended by 12 PM. The stall holders would queue early, bring their vans in and set up their tables. By 8:30, the Takapuna locals would begin flocking to the market for fresh flowers, cheese, pastries, bread and vegetables, and by 10:30 the market’s crowd would be at its peak.

Panaku Development says that the proposed redevelopment of 40 Anzac Street does not necessarily mean an end to the market. “The market could move to an alternative site within Takapuna, or a version of it might be incorporated into the uses and activities on future public space created on the Anzac Street and adjoining council-owned sites on Hurstmere Road.”

The locals, however, argue that the site would make for an ideal civic square for Takapuna or as an extension to Potters Park. “Both of which would allow the market to continue where it is. An underground carpark would ensure that much-needed parking would remain,” reads their petition.