With freelancers on the rise, making up 35 percent of the workforce in the United States in 2016 and projected to be dominant in three years, one company has decided to take advantage of this phenomenon. “Roam,” a global network of co-working and co-living spaces “[tests] the boundaries between work, travel and life adventure,” as its website reads.

Roam is a rare intersection of real estate, business and travel. So far, the company has established spaces in Tokyo, Bali, London, and Miami, with plans to expand to San Francisco. On the living part, it provides fully-furnished private bedrooms taking up to two tenants with an attached bathroom. With free, unlimited access to all shared areas, every location has a 24/7 co-working space, shared kitchen, and laundry facilities. Costing between $500 to $850 per week, some locations feature a pool, media room, event space, and all locations come with WiFi connections. While pets can’t tag along, and in some locations kids can’t either, Roam has a pay-as-you-go system and doesn’t require potential tenants to pay a deposit or a set-up fee.


Co-working at Roam Ubud, Bali. Courtesy of Roam Ubud

Job-coaches, anthropologists and sociologists have pointed to a number of reasons why people are leaving their stable full-time jobs for a risky freelance lifestyle. People choose to shift their professions from full-time to freelance in response to shifting economic conditions, like unemployment, salary cuts and delays, corporate downsizing, and overall employee dissatisfaction. Additionally, due to technological shifts that have changed the nature of work, employees now often work remotely to finish their work, without a need for traditional offices and working hours. The growing business of co-working spaces also encourages employees to quit their jobs and freelance from co-working spaces side by side with fellow hustling self-employed workers in the ever-growing freelance economy, which can also cultivate networking and potential businesses.


Yoga at Roam Miami. Courtesy of Roam Miami.