Ever needed something done but didn’t have the means? Of course, you have. There must be an answer, right? Rhetorical questions aside, Simbi believes it has a solution, and it’s based on the age-old system of bartering.

“Keep your money—it’s no good here. The economy isn’t working for 99% of us, so we’re building a new one. By joining Simbi you’re accepting a new lifestyle, one of symbiotic exchange, abundance, and human capital. Together, our talents are limitless,” the website proclaims.

The company revolves around the concept of “symbiotic economy.” By trading goods & services, members are freed from the constraints of traditional currency. If an accountant has a sore back—and there’s a massage therapist requiring bookkeeping services—it’s as simple as connecting on the network. No money required.

Simbi: Creating Value with Spare Time

We all have abilities; some are underused or neglected, but you may be surprised by the demand for these talents. Whether you’re a freelancer, stay-at-home parent, or seasoned professional, you can create value with your spare time. The company promotes itself as a community-centric platform, with over 25,000 services available.

When signing up, you enter a specialty. Not sure what to list? No problem—there’s a skill test. Once completed, you key in a service title & description, set a price in the form of credits, indicate whether it can be performed virtually, and establish how many times you offer your service per month. Complimentary credits are then assigned. Afterward, you are free to search, start a conversation, and trade your wares on the Simbi Market.

The communal vibe facilitates a natural, friendly exchange between members. Most people are open to negotiating a deal and sometimes offer multiple services. Members feel invested, and they pride themselves on being helpful and inviting. The connections made are just as important as the trade.

This system of sharing has a broad reach, but it lends itself especially well to cities. Urban areas naturally possess high concentrations of people with myriad talents. On-demand services can be locally bartered, freeing up disposable income and encouraging efficient—and amiable—commerce. This is Simbi’s goal, and it’s building “a talent-exchanging network & community where #TalentIsCurrency.”