If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about big data in New York City, here’s your chance, as this week marks the first annual NYC Open Data Week.

From March 4-11, the gathering, comprised of several events, will bring together influencers, experts and citizens to discuss the effects of big data.

The week of events is being held in conjunction with the 5th anniversary of the NYC Open Data Law, which facilitates “greater access to technology [and data] for all New Yorkers” via DoITT (Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications) and the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics. The affair is a collaboration between NYC Open Data, BetaNYC, Bureau Blank and New York City’s civic tech community.

Included are the following events: NYC School of Data (Mon), DataDive by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Fri, Sat, Sun), 2 Civic Hall events (Mon & Fri), Made in NY Media Center + Fabernovel open data breakfast (Wed), Reaktor open data studio (Thurs), General Assembly panel discussion (Thurs), Prime Produce & Startup M/IG’s open data dinner salon (Fri), and NYC Parks’ “Open Data for All: Trees Count!” workshop (Sat), among others.

The week’s opening was also coordinated with International Open Data Day on March 4th, an annual event that promotes the awareness and utilization of open data. Talks, demonstrations, seminars and even hackathons are standard fare during the worldwide celebration.

General Assembly, an organization specializing in education & career training, has collaborated with organizers to form a panel to explore the impact of data (particularly on health, wellness and the healthcare industry) and how it affects the ability of organizations to predict the future.

The panelists include Sree Sreenivasan (Chief Digital Officer of NYC, moderator), Andrew Young (Knowledge Director at The GovLab) and Michelle Shevin (Research Strategist at Luminary Labs). The discussion takes place on March 9th from 6:30-9:30pm EST.

The first event to be held on March 4th was the New York City School of Data 2017. The conference focused on civic & government technology, city design and the open data ecosystem.

BetaNYC uploaded the following YouTube video, titled “NYC School of Data – Mar 4 2017”, a full live-stream capture of the conference.

“Through TEN thought provoking sessions and THIRTEEN small group workshops, this year’s conference asks for your help in improving community resources, and challenges you to build a collective future,” states the site.

The conference featured several panels, including “Demystifying Civic Service Design” and “It Was The Best of Transit Data, It Was The Worst of Transit Data.”

NYC Open Data Week wraps up with the “Open Data for All: Trees Count!” workshop at the NYC Parks Hamilton Fish Computer Resource Center on March 11th.

With this inaugural celebration, the organizers of NYC Open Data Week hope to foster the public’s ongoing education and interest in data and its far-reaching effects on New York City and the world.