In its second edition, the Megacities Shortdocs film contest is on the search for budding filmmakers to shed a light on life not just in the proverbial big city, but the BIGGEST cities. With a call to action in 11 megacities across the world, the international contest and affiliated screening festivals looks to New York, Mexico, São Paulo, Paris, Cairo, Moscow, Delhi, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo-based filmmakers to highlight the challenges of urban life in an artistic format. “We believe that in tackling those issues, Megacitizens should be central in inspiring meaningful and concrete solutions to our decision makers,” explains the competition’s website on why artists across the world are crucial components in positive city development, as we hurtle towards near-global urbanization.

Noting mobility, energy, health, housing, supply chains, business, security, communication, culture and education are key themes to be explored the competition also encourages filmmakers to not only show the challenges their cities are facing, but to highlight inspiring local initiatives for an opportunity for citizen and civic group voices to be heard. With a maximum time limit of just four minutes, docmakers will need to get creative.

Megacities Shortdocs will begin receiving applications from the eligible cities from 1st April  – 31st July 2016. From August through to September, a jury combined with user votes will determine the 15 top submissions, 6 of which will win a trip to Paris (or New York or Tokyo should the winners originate from Paris) and there are 4 $1000 cash prizes in the categories for Best Documentary, Inspiring Solution, Student Film and Public Choice. In October, the top 15 will also be screened in three concurrent film festivals in New York, Tokyo and Paris in order to instigate conversation and inspire innovation among the viewers.

Find out more about Megacities Shortdocs here.