India’s New Delhi has introduced a stunning auto-rickshaw with seats that imitate a Vincent Van Gogh masterpiece. The rickshaw’s new designer look is part of Taxi Fabric, a platform which uses rickshaws, known locally as taxis or autos, to display local art, and is part of a campaign which aims to deter violence against women.

The rickshaw is one of the country’s main cheap and abundantly available public transport options, with an estimated 45,000 in service in the capital. Taxi Fabric’s network of local designers and non-profit organization Manas Foundation have come together to celebrate the city’s heritage while promoting women’s safety in public transportation.

“Meet Mr. Hari Om Sharma, our first Taxi Fabric rickshaw driver from Delhi. Hari Om and his family are doing their own social good, he drops the injured to the hospital free of cost,” says Taxi Fabric’s tumblr page on the first rickshaw to get redesigned in the Indian capital. Concurrently, Manas Foundation have been training the rickshaw drivers about gender sensitization. The NGO also organized a marathon to end violence against women and girls and to help men become “socially-sensitive” last February.

Sharma’s autorickshaw was picked for the redesign due to his high performance in a Manas Foundation training on women’s safety.

One of Mumabi’s rickshaw drivers who had his vehicle redesigned said: “Every morning, it feels great to get in my Taxi. Especially when the light falls on it and it looks very fresh and bright! The taxi looks brand new.”

The project will paint ten rickshaws in Dehli, five of which will feature the city’s beauty, while the other five will discuss gender.