After his Endangered 13 project became a hit in East London, Louis Masai has taken his spray paints and headed to New York to raise more awareness about endangered species with his creative murals in The Art of Beeing Tour,

In the Endangered 13 project, Masai used the 120-meter railway arches in Tower Hamlets to speak out against animal endangerment through colorful artistic murals. For the United States, the artist will tour 12 cities in nine states, where he will design paint 20 murals between October and December 2016.

The artist completed in first mural on Troutman Street in Bushwick, New York, painting a mural of Sylvilagus transitionalis. The species is vulnerable with a decreasing population that currently reaches 16,690 only.

The project is produced by the artist himself and environmental art platform Human Nature.

“Over 12,000 animal species are currently considered threatened across the world. With nearly one in four mammals under threat in the United States, The Art of Beeing highlights local species at risk and the urgent need to act on climate change and environmental degradation,” Human Nature said in an official statement released to progrss.

“I’m painting these animals as patchwork toy murals because, unless we act now, they will become relegated to items on a toy store shelf. Just as patchwork has a history of sharing memories and being passed down the family line, these species could become mere memories for future generations,” Masai adds in the statement.

Masai also highlighted that to him “the bees represent the stitching holding our ecosystems together.”

After his work in New York is done, the artist will head to Detroit, Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Phoenix. The tour also includes El Paso, Austin, New Orleans, Nashville, Miami and Atlanta.