City-dwellers are notoriously stressed and time and time again, research has shown that much of this can be attributed to being overworked, over stimulated and under-rested. While cities like Melbourne and London top the list when it comes to longest average sleeping hours, their citizens are often getting just over 7 hours. Meanwhile, Tokyo and Seoul urbanites are getting an average of under 6 hours per night. Over in the expat-saturated Dubai, they’re clocking up just 6 and a half hours between corporate 9-to-5s and their world-famous nightlife scene, according to one data-driven study. But one French company is determined to make day-to-day life a little more peaceful in the Emirates, letting Dubains catch up on sleep in their free nap bar.

smarin poncho free nap bar

Visitors to smarin’s The Nap Bar sport ultra-soft ponchos.

Starting March 9th and running until the end of the month, The Nap Bar comes courtesy of French design house smarin. Located in Dubai’s trendy Al Quoz – think warehouse parties and galleries on every corner – the temporary installation lets anyone walk in, grab a blanket-cum-poncho-cum-balaclava and cuddle up on their specially-design nap pillow and catch some Zs while a lullaby plays and essential oils help you unwind. Of course, the purpose of this stunt is to get refreshed nappers to buy their products – everything you experience during your nap is available for purchase, from the pillows to the lighting fixtures. More interestingly, however, is that the space accommodates group napping, by appointment only.

smarin free dubai nap bar

Everything experience at smarin’s The Nap Bar is available to buy,

This isn’t the first service designed for powernapping – Japan pioneered the ‘capsule hotel’ concept in the early 1980s, though many such venues have been criticized for being unbelievably small and poorly serviced. However, the idea has certainly caught on in international airports.  Meanwhile, traditional hospitality stalwarts, including Hilton and Sofitel, make high revenues by offering ‘day use’ packages, wherein businessmen, travelers, or those who just want to take advantage of a pool, can check-in for a few hours and not overnight.