Dubai is not only planning on breaking its own record with the world’s new tallest building, the emirate is also hoping to introduce the concept of rotating structures to the world. Dubai is currently studying the construction of two different towers that can take the modern construction world by storm.

Emarati construction company Emaar announced that it plans to build a tower that is a “notch” taller than Burj Khalifa, the world’s current tallest building, which stands at 828 meters. The US $1 billion building (pictured above), which will be constructed in Dubai Creek Harbour and finalized by 2020, might not end up being the world’s tallest building however, with the Jeddah’s Kingdom Tower expected to be complete during the same year.  The Saudi Arabian skyscraper will be around 1 kilometer high.

“An engineering marvel awaits visitors, the piece-de-resistance being the fully glazed rotating balconies that extend outward, rotating outside the skin of the tower,” Emaar says in an official statement.

Meanwhile, architectural company Dynamic Group told What’s On that an 80-floor residential rotating building, or the Dynamic Tower, could also be constructed in Dubai by 2020 “if everything goes to plan.”

In 2013, the tower’s designer David Fisher said that the cost of building the 420 meters tower would amount to £355 million. The current estimated cost is around AED 1.2 billion (US $329 million).

The Dynamic Tower’s core, which will control the rotation of the building’s floors, will be constructed on site, while the floors can be constructed in a factory. The building is predicted to have 79 wind turbines installed, while solar panels will be placed over the roof top of each level and the rood of the building itself, allowing it to create its own energy.

The Dynamic Tower project has been on the table since 2008 and was set to be constructed by 2010 but has yet to kick start. Unless construction begins, skepticism will surround it.