The “Forest of Resonating Lamps- One Stroke” exhibition in Paris has offered attendees a more intimate way to enjoy art shows where visitors can be a part of the show itself, walking among thousands of lamps and sensors that interact with them.

“When a person remains still at close range of a lamp, it shines brightly and emits a tone color that resonates out. The light of this lamp becomes the starting point, and it spreads to the two nearest lamps. The light from the lamps transmits the same tone color to other lamps, one after another, spreading out continuously.If a light comes from the other side of the room, it means that there is someone else standing there. Visitors become aware of the presence of other people in the same space,” TeamLab, the Tokyo-based art and design collective behind the interactive exhibition says.

Exhibited at this year’s Maison & Object trade show in Paris, the installation is just one of TeamLab’s on going projects that question and experiment with the boundaries between art and space. Made up of visual artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, graphic designers and editors, TeamLab’s multi-disciplined members refer to themselves as ‘ultra-technologists’ that strive to achieve a balance between art, science, technology and creativity.

The lamps, which seem to be scattered randomly, are actually placed in a zigzag order to fill out the space and to be connected to one another in a grid.“The arrangement of the lamps thus created is beautiful not only in an immobilized, static kind of way, but more so in a dynamic way caused by people approaching these lamps. It demonstrates the space of new era; the space freely designed through digital technology, and adapting the change and movement made by people’s existence in it.” TeamLab adds. But, the art has more to it that just light. Takashi Kuda, the communication director at TeamLab told AJ+ that “each art work has a different smell. You are completely immersed. You are inside the digital world.”