Not so long ago, sci-fi movies featured scenes where the leading actor would move his fingers around and a transparent screen would open up and he would start tapping on it and magically things would happen. Well, Hudify is attempting to bring this sci-fi memory to life in order to help vehicle drivers keep their eyes on the road.

“You can use it on the way to work. Use it on your next road trip. Use it on your next grocery trip. Use it on your way to pick up someone at the airport. Use it wherever the road takes you,”the company says on its crowdfunding campaign page. “You have 5 optimized UI options to choose from depending on what essential information you would need to get from point A to B safely.”

Head-up devices similar to Hudifys basically functions as a mirror, allowing for transparent display of data, images and even videos. Hudify partnered up with Navmii, a GPS mobile app, to provide accurate directions to its users.   An early bird investor can purchase Hudify for CA $50.  The HUD product, which will also display the driver’s speed, will be delivered in July 2017.

“The flexible mount attaches to the dashboard using a high-strength adhesive. It’s the same adhesive found in other smartphone and dashcam mounts so you know it stays put,” the company says, ensuring that your mobile phone will not fall down and break when facing road bumps. “Hudify uses two separate strong neodymium magnetic systems to keep your phone and cradle in place. ”

Hudway Glass company delivered a similar product to the market after successfully collected  USD $622,785 on kickstarter.  The device currently sells for USD $79.95.