Looking for a high-paying job that doesn’t require a long commute sounds like a real challenge but US-based real estate company Redfin sought to meet that challenge with Opportunity Score;  an online tool to help direct you to the nearest high-paying employment opportunity, both figuratively and literally.

Based on the address the user enter, the online tool will search for jobs that pay at least $40,000 and are less than 30 minutes by public transit and walking. The higher the address meets these descriptions, the higher the score of the location will be. Opportunity Score also lists the percentage of jobs that have these descriptions. Other features include the average home buying and rental prices in that area.

“Opportunity Score assigns an address a rating, from zero to 100, that represents how easy it is to get to nearby jobs without a car,” Redfin says. “Scores also consider the local population to reflect the fact that places with more people likely have more competition for local jobs.”

opportunity score walkscore

The most accessible cities for workers with over $40,000 salaries included San Jose in California with 78% score, Milwaukee in Wisconsin with a 75% score and Albuquerque in New Mexico with a score of 59%. The online tool currently covers over 350 U.S. cities.

Redfin are the creators of the highly influential Walk Score, the online tool that’s been integrated by scores of real estate listing sites that assesses the availability of services from a given address in reference to property rental prices.  Opportunity Score was developed through Walk Score data, job data from U.S. Department of Commerce, population data from the U.S. Census and housing data from Redfin’s Estimate.