Innovations to protect a person’s right to cycle are growing stronger by the day. Whether it is an anti-accident helmet, a luminous self-charging bike path or a detachable bell that rings when your bike is being stolen, new gadgets are making waves everyday.  The latest invention come from US-based company SkunkLock, which invented a bike lock that fights back.

“SKUNKLOCK is our attempt at finally putting a dent in bicycle and motorcycle theft. It packs a POWER PUNCH – a unique chemical deterrent released when the lock is compromised,” the company says. “We intend SKUNKLOCK to be a wakeup call to thieves with tools who know that any existing bike lock can be cut within a minute, and that’s why 1.5 million bikes are stolen each year.”

The lock releases nasty smelling chemicals that would impair vision, breathing and make a thief vomit.The chemicals are released if someone tries to cut throw the lock, which will carry warnings saying that it should not be cut. All chemicals pressured inside the lock are legal and in small doses.

“Each of the chemicals is at a concentration low enough to meet government regulations (the designers created two versions to meet differing state laws in the U.S., and a third for the European market).” the company adds.

The company started a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo and has successfully raised USD $30,091 at the time of writing. The company’s offer for the lock at the price of USD $99 has sold out but those interested can sell buy it for USD $109 or more.