San Francisco-based company Luxe Corporate introduced an on-demand valet parking that can offer parking spots in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Austin and Seattle. A similar service named Rakna, or parking spot, was introduced in Cairo, Egypt in the area of downtown earlier this year.

The app requests that drivers enter the drop off location of the car 20 minutes in advance. After running his or her errands, the car owner can request the car back, entering a pickup location.

“While your car is parked in one of our secure lots, we can wash your car, fill your gas tank, and even change your oil! Additionally, we offer Drive Home,” the company says. “A select set of our Valets are specially-trained to get customers home safely at the end of the night.”

The basic fee for parking starts with USD $5 per hour, with a limit of USD $ 20. To refill the gas, the car owner is charged USD $7.99 in addition to the cost of gas. To drive the car home, the initial charge is USD $15. Overnight parking costs USD $10 while the car wash service costs USD  $20.

Cairo’s Rakna does not extend beyond downtown and is limited to the on-demand parking, which costs EGP 5 per hour, USD $0.3,  and doesn’t exceed EGP 25, USD $1.53. Similar to car hailing apps, Luxe Valet is cashless and relies on credit cards to settle the payments. The Egyptian app also accepts cash payments.

 Bloomberg suggests that on demand parking apps such as Zirx faced low demand, which led them to shift away form that business model.

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