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Reading Time: 4 minutes municipal finance habitat iii habitat 3 quito

#Habitat3: How Can We Finance Our Cities?

While municipal finance in developed and prosperous countries, where decentralization to cities is already underway, can offer best practices, the world's least developed countries face political hurdles in financing their urban development. We head to a series of panels at Habitat III to find out how upcoming cities can prepare themselves for new modes of financing.
Reading Time: 5 minutes E-payment

5 Startups Encouraging E-Payment In Africa

Amid the economic boom in Africa, startups are taking the e-payment revolution by storm - which is projected to speed up the continent's renaissance.
Reading Time: 2 minutes urban laws

Reforming Urban Laws In Africa: A Guide

A practical guide authored by the African Centre For Cities demonstrates how changing Africa's urban laws can help create more efficient cities.
Reading Time: 3 minutes Transportation Startups in Africa

5 Startups Tackling Transportation Challenges In Africa

With the understanding that mobility is one of the main pillars of city life, these startups are plugging in the loopholes left behind by urban planning across the African continent and helping to improve transportation for their cities.
Reading Time: 3 minutes industrialization

Study: Industrialization Is Key To Africa’s Urban Future

With Africa's urban population projected to reach 4.4 billion by 2100, The UN Economic Commission for Africa breaks down obstacles and opportunities for industrialization and urban growth across the continent's cities.