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Reading Time: 10 minutes Kinfolk Brass Band New Orleans (Source: Chelsea MItchell via

New Orleans: The Culture of Resilient Music Arises After Katrina

New Orleans, the Big Easy or simply NOLA—it is the multicultural, cosmopolitan land of brass, jazz and blues that's survived many economic struggles and natural disasters and has somehow maintained its resilient spirit. We continue with our #CreativeCitiesUSA series to see how the city has rebuilt itself since Hurricane Katrina.
Reading Time: 17 minutes new york city music scene

New York City: The Reprise Of A Music City

Having spurred handfuls of musical genres and, in turn, had plenty of anthems dedicated to its unique vibe, New York City has long been a hotbed for music making, from inspiration to production, and, of course, performance. However, while the City has focused its energy and resources on TV, film and advertising in the last 20 years, the music industry has not received the same support - despite its globally recognized influence. Continuing our #CreativeCitiesUSA project, progrss takes a bite of the Big Apple and discovers how the music industry continues to flourish in the face of a changing urban landscape and how the City is finally paying attention.
Reading Time: 9 minutes Luxor

The Makings of a Festival City: Can Luxor Learn From Edinburgh?

With history seeping from their pores, picturesque topography and similar population size, the cities of Luxor in Egypt and Edinburgh in Scotland have more in common that one might think. The political unrest in Egypt has impacted Luxor's tourism sector but its inability to capitalize on its cultural festivals, due in part to bureaucratic constraints and a lack of appreciation of modern cultural output, has left the Upper Egyptian city struggling to keep up. Can the heritage city build up a festival economy?
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Houses of Sand: Can Sandbags Fix Nigeria’s Housing Crisis?

While piling up sandbags to create walls that defend against everything from cold drafts to stray bullets is hardly new, using sandbags as a construction material is. We speak to Nigerian entrepreneur Akin Sanda about how his sandbag houses can provide affordable alternatives to low-income families.
Reading Time: 11 minutes Cairo's urban sprawl encroaches into the desert in the west, circulating the Great Pyramids in Giza.

Lessons from Atlanta: Tackling Cairo’s Urban Sprawl

In our final feature on Atlanta's transformation, we delve into the causes, problems with and solutions to its infamous urban sprawl and compare it with Cairo, Egypt's similar experience that saw the rapid development of suburbs and satellite cities. The consequent lack of connectivity, community spirit and equal access to opportunity, however, still plague Cairo today.
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Austin: Wonderful, Wired and Weird

Constantly topping lists in terms of economic growth, job creation and liveablity, Austin has transformed over the last few decades to become one of, if not the most, exciting American cities. Between a tech industry that's outpacing the rest, a collaborative government and an iconic arts and music scene, we find out what makes Austin tick...