Reading Time: 2 minutes Rave-olution. Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash.


Club culture provides something of much more importance than just hedonism or fun times with friends: club culture represents freedom and tolerance.
Reading Time: 10 minutes Beit Beirut

Beit Beirut: Where Does War Go After The Fighting Has Ended?

For the generation that is younger than 30 years old, the Civil War has become a thing of their parents and what seems to become a bygone era. But memories of it still linger, whether or not the youth have seen the war.
Reading Time: 2 minutes The power of love

The Power Of Love

Farid Tabarki returns, taking on ‘The power of love,’ on Harry and Meghan, The World Happiness Report, The Congress of Europe, and Varna.
Reading Time: 9 minutes Amazon HQ2

Amazon HQ2: A Double Edged Sword In A City Near You

Purported by what experts are calling ‘the Amazon Effect,’ the location of the Amazon HQ2 has city leadership and policymakers excited and equally concerned about the ramifications of hosting Amazon’s new headquarters.