At least 72 people have been reported dead and hundreds more injured in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore, where a bomb exploded in a public park. Iqbal Town Superintendent Police Dr Muhammad Iqbal is said to have confirmed it was a suicide attack, and Taliban faction Jamaat ul-Ahrar has claimed responsibility. It seems as though the targets of the attack where largely Christian, as blasts rocked the Gulshan-e-Iqbal park on Easter Sunday. As such, most of the victims are said to be families, especially women and children.

Hospitals across the Punjabi city have been put on emergency alert and are preparing themselves to receive more patients, while the death toll is expected to rise given the gruesome nature of the attack and subsequent casualties.  Speaking to local news site Dawnone eye witness stated that security presence was negligible at the park despite larger visitor numbers than usual.

Pakistan’s security forces have long suffered from Taliban insurgency and sectarian violence.

*This article was updated on 28/03/2016