Whether you want to relocate to an urban city, take a long vacation or just aimlessly wander on planet Earth, a new website called The Earth Awaits aims to help you chose where to go based on your set budget and life-needs.

“The Earth Awaits is a tool for long-term travelers, students taking a gap year, retirees, and anyone else with an irrepressible wanderlust,” the website reads. “By providing just a few simple pieces of information, you can use the site to find a city that matches your lifestyle and budget.”

Users enter their monthly budget, the number of members in their family and the number of rooms they are looking for in an accommodation. They can also refine their search to a continent, a life style that varies from very lean to opulent as well as a pollution level and a crime rate. Based on the collected data, the website showcases the results of the urban cities where users can live.

For example, if you are looking to live a modest life in a city with low pollution levels and low crime rate, a budget of USD $2,500 can allow you to move to Raleigh, North Carolina; Heidelberg in Germany or Portugal’s Braga.

The Earth Awaits also provides a breakdown to how a user would spend his or her money; whether it is rent, food or other expenses.

The website gathers its living cost data from Numbeo, a crowdsourced platform that allows its users to update the costs of living in their cities and countries across the world. The website is updated on a daily basis with details on rental, grocery and restaurant prices, as well as local purchasing power, to give a holistic look at living costs.

Numbero asks users to list the prices of a regular water bottle, domestic beer, imported beer, a Coke or Pepsi bottle and a coffee drink. Market details are also requested such as the price of milk, rice, eggs, tomatoes, fruits and other basic foodstuffs. Basic utility bills, transportation cost, clothing and apartment purchasing price are also requested entries.