Eating in a dumpster may seem like an appalling idea, but with wooden floors, a dining table, lighting and good company, New York city’s Salvage SupperClub was able to sell the idea and save expired “ugly food” that would have otherwise gone to waste.

The initiative organizes dinners for a limited number of people who gather for a food sharing experience with one aim in mind: “To inspire and empower anyone who cooks and eats to make the most of the edible food in their lives.”

“We recognize how essential food is to all of us, but believe that the power of a shared meal can (and should) go beyond our base needs,” Salvage SupperClub says on their website. “It should not only nourish us but also delight and empower us. We don’t just make great food. We put great food at the center of a dialogue about a more sustainable food system.”

Standing against the idea that food should look perfect, the chefs combine ripe vegetables with bruised and aged fruit. The meals served included heirloom tomato gazpacho, root-to-stalk roasted radish, bruised beet tartare, broccoli stalk slaw, and summer sorbets.

The last event held was in San Francisco on the 25th and 26th of June, where a seat at the table cost $125. The first event held by Salvage SupperClub was held in California, where some three dozen people paid $80 for a seat at the dinner table.