With their loud noises, pollution and endless traffic, metropolitan areas can give you the urge to scream sometimes and unless you are ready to put up with terrified looks from fellow commuters; screaming in public is not really an option.  A new scream room in Giza, however, is helping Egyptians scream their hearts out without the fear of being judged.

Bab AlDonia, a café, book store and music studio, has offered its visitors a chance to lock themselves up in a soundproof room and scream as loud as they desire.

Paying a twenty-pound entrance fee, clients can sit down and read from the offered book selection, order drinks and food or enter into the secluded room for ten minutes to “scream freely without anyone hearing even a whisper.”

The room also includes a set of drums that visitors can beat on to release “all the negative energy.”

Bab AlDonia only allows their visitors to enter the room one at a time, however, so waiting for your turn to scream can be expected.

The concept of distressing rooms has been trialed in Japan and became an instant success. The Japanese distressing rooms include hotel “crying rooms” where clients can enter and crying in or “smashing rooms” where clients throw and crush objects.