An indoor skate park to be installed in the building - Two Trees

An indoor skate park to be installed in the building – Two Trees

Brooklyn’s 380,000-square-foot Domino Sugar Refinery building is getting an urban makeover, being converted into a co-working space for creative and innovative industries. The 19th century building is being developed by real estate firm Two Trees Management, which is hoping to attract tenants with its  spacious work area, rooftop dining, floor-to-ceiling windows and, if that wasn’t enough, an the indoor skate park.

In May, the CEO of Two Trees Management Jed Walentas told the New York Post: “You can’t imagine how much machinery was part of this antiquated sugar-making process. We had to take out literally hundreds of thousands of tons, like enormous, 30-foot-high vats — and there were 106 of them … Our process is to go to 100 of those [creative] companies and try to get somebody interested.”

The developments in the building are part of the renovation masterplan pf the 3.3 million square feet Domino Sugar site, overseen by architects Beyer Blinder Belle and SHoP Architects.

“With Two Trees as our client, SHoP and Field Operation’s master plan for the Domino Sugar site replaces a city-approved 2010 plan with a new proposal that adds 60% more publicly-accessible open space on a new street grid; provides for a 24/7 mix of creative office space, market-rate and affordable housing, neighborhood retail, and community facilities; and is an innovative form of open architecture that connects the existing neighborhood to the new quarter-mile waterfront,”  SHoP Architects say.

“Central to the scheme is the renovated Domino Sugar refinery, which will become the nerve center of the project across from a new public space. The proposed buildings will be porous, featuring large openings that allow light and air to penetrate through the site and into the neighborhood beyond. While exuberant on the skyline as great global architecture, the buildings responsibly meet the streets of Williamsburg,” the architectural company adds.

The grand project is set to include 2,800 residential units and 600,000 square feet of office space. It will also have a 200,000 square feet , around 60960 square meters,  of retail and community space as well as a six-acre waterfront park, around 24,281 meters.

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