A crowdfunding campaign to build a 600 feet by 10 feet (around 182 meters by 3 meters),  of floating gardens by the Chicago River before Spring 2017 was met with success, collecting almost double of what the campaign originally sought.  The campaign was launched by Chicago-based nonprofit Urban Rivers as their pilot project.

“The money raised here will go directly toward our floating gardens. For every $50 donation, we can add another foot of habitat,” the organization says on its campaign page. “Our goal is $10,000, but every dollar exceeding this goal will only extend the gardens, becoming part of our larger vision of eventually rehabilitating an entire one-mile stretch of river, which we hope to turn into an urban wildlife sanctuary. That means more space for fish, plants, birds, turtles, and more.”

The organization will mainly work on restoring habitat space in city waterways. The campaign was backed up by some US $19,776 at the time of writing, 197% of the original US $ 10,000 requested. Urban Rivers’ initiative will make the space more welcoming to kayakers, canoeists, fishermen and nature lovers.

gardenThe hardware installed in the floating gardens will survive year-round conditions and allow for the addition of more gardens, Urban Rivers explain, adding that installed hardware will include: “locking stainless steel quick connect system, fully cross-braced structure, UV resistant thermo-fused tough floats and concrete anchors secured using weighted guide rail.” If the campaign collects enough funds, its long-term ambitions will include the creation of an additional 1,200 feet of gardens along with art installations, the launch of educational programs and the incorporation graduate student research projects.

Similar implemented projects include Flussbad Berlin, which aims to transform the Spree Canal in the downtown Berlin district of Mitte, and Los Angeles River Revitalization project.

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