The Urban Land Institute (ULI) Foundation Annual Fund granted $100,000 to ten different projects that are seeking to find innovative ideas and methods to develop and redesign cities. The value of the grants ranged between $10,000 and $25,000.

ULI Global CEO, Patrick L. Phillips, said that “the Urban Innovation Grants program is helping our members make a real, measurable difference in how our communities are growing for the future.”

The awarded projects included Encore Entrepreneur Initiative and the Built Environment, which were granted $15,000. The project aims to “help respond to the growing number of retirees taking on ‘encore’ careers and self-created entrepreneurial endeavors in Florida.”

ULI Central Florida will cooperate with 4 other Florida district councils to discuss how to create an attractive environment for this demographic. The councils will hold “workshops in each geographic area of the state and prepare a report and presentation to be used as a resource by planners, developers, builders, community leaders, and local governments.”

ULI Conference

ULI Conference (Courtesy of ULI)

Another project is Cleveland’s “Building the 21st-Century City: Best Practices for Creating a Thriving Urban Core.” ULI Cleveland plans to “hold a daylong symposium designed to appeal to all the thought leaders of Akron, Ohio, as well as constituents, interested in seeing Akron grow.” The event will help enlighten attendees on how successful urban residential development can be accomplished.

Other projects taking place internationally include “Affordable Housing in Europe: Developing New Solutions” and partnerships through city gaming in France, Ireland, and the Netherlands, which will attract cities’ stakeholders with gaming schemes to address complex urban challenges. ULI Hong Kong will tackle how to preserve historic buildings in the city.

Last year, the foundation gave out 14 grants that totaled $219,000. For fiscal year 2015, some $320,000 were granted to 16 projects. The grants range between $5,000 to $25,000.