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Reading Time: 10 minutes Nutrition Transition

Nutrition Transition and Obesity: How the Food Industry Changes Cities

By painting a bigger picture of how nutrition transition affects cities, we can peel back the layers of urban food industries and look at how accessibility to food, the role of socio-economic standing, and the mechanization of food production can make communities more obese.
Reading Time: 7 minutes slums

African Slums: Diverse, Resilient And Here To Stay

With an estimated 55% of urban residents in sub-Saharan Africa living in slums, we look at some of the challenges that informal settlements pose to both slum dwellers and policy-makers in Africa's urban capitals.
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Circular Cities: Building an Urban Future

From retrofitting and optimizing existing buildings to designing and building sustainable structures for the future, we look at some of the ways that circularity can be designed into urban architecture.