A quirky minute and a half PSA has Chinese viewers both laughing and taking action to save their cities – and their nostrils. Created by environmentalist group, WildAid, the peculiar clip imagines a dystopian future where China’s infamous urban smog has forced humans to develop comically long nose hair to survive. In a country where 366 out 366 cities surveyed failed to pass World Health Organization air quality standard, and between half a million and 1.4 million premature deaths per year are attributed to just that, the comical take on the pressing issue has caused many to pay attention.

Currently being broadcast on six Chinese national TV networks, animated billboards and subway and taxi screens, the video certainly turns heads as a parade of young, stylish Chinese city dwellers (and one dog) sport striking nose hair styles. Ending with a call-to-action for citizens to consider low-carbon forms of transport following a Ministry of Transport report in 2015 indicating that vehicles were the largest contributor to air pollution in at least five cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.