Israel-based company HomeBiogas has come up with a device to convert food and organic waste into clean gas that can be used for cooking, water heating and lighting, while producing a byproduct that can be used to fertilize soil.

“Just throw in your organic waste and there you go, a hot stove ready for cooking,” the company says, highlighting that HomeBiogas runs with no electricity. “The bacteria in the bio-digester will decompose the organic material and release biogas.”

The machine, which weighs less than 35 kilograms  (77lbs), can digest up to 6 liters of food waste or up to 15 liters of animal manure per day and can produce clean biogas that can be cooked with for over three hours. According to the producing company, HomeBiogas “delivers consistent and reliable gas flow from a patented gas pressure system.”

HomeBiogas’ website illustrates how easily it can be assembled and used at home.

“Biogas promotes both human and agricultural productivity. By cooking with biogas, families don’t have to spend hours collecting heavy loads of firewood every day,” the company says. “The liquid fertilizer produced increases the yield of the family’s vegetable and fruit garden.”

The device could be pre-ordered for US $995 while its retail value will be US $1,500.  The company has installed over 150 units that have been running for over a year.