In a world where recycling products is becoming more of a necessity than a choice, SmileyBin is a new smart recycling concept, surpassing the traditional paper, plastic and glass bins that are becoming more common on city streets. So what makes this recycling bin so special? Well, aside from being developed by a group of young Greek high school students as part of the Junior Achievement Greece program, the bin includes a photovoltaic (PV) energy supply that converts solar energy into electricity and allows for automated opening of the bin disposal through a smartcard.

smileyBin recycling solar power greece teens

The teenage team behind SmileyBin. (

The bin’s solar supply also powers an integrated scale that measures the weight of the recycled products. Based on the weight of the recycled materials, prizes and points will be credited to the card holder through a WiFi system. The credit can then be used in commercial centers and supermarkets, and even be applied as a discounts on city council taxes.

smileybin recycling solar power

“The reason why we created SmileyBin is our common concern about the planet’s future which is in danger more than ever, among others, because of politicians’ indifference or ignorance, and of the insufficient organization and programming of the responsible bodies in smaller cities,” the teenager-driven company says. “Thus, we decided to decisively enter the market through the construction of high technology and design recycling bins.”

The students are being assisted by several school teachers, university undergrads and graduates, as well as entrepreneurs to bring their smart IoT-ready concept to the market. SmileyBin has also received a platinum sponsorship from Association of Chief Executive Officers to help develop their product from a prototype into a commercial one.