While tree-shaped solar panels were installed in India’s New Delhi, French company NewWind have created quiet, small wind turbines that also resemble trees, aptly named Tree Vent.

“Inspired by nature, NewWind is inventing biomimetic devises that deliver sustainable electrical service. Our R&D laboratory is working to make the wind turbine even more relevant, with design at the heart of its innovations,” the company says. “A proprietary technology based on microelectricity and a multiplicity of turbines. Its ingenious approach consists of accumulating watts to make up kilowatts.”

The company adds: “Each leaf on the tree produces electricity from the slightest waft of air within a radius of 360°. It offers immediate consumption in proximity to end-use, while providing an aesthetic, emotional contribution to urban landscapes.”

The renewable energy innovation can hold up to 72 separate turbines, or as the company calls them Aeroleaves. It is 11 meters, 36 feet, tall, and can reach 8 meters, around 26 feet, in diameter at its widest points. Each tree can produce up to 2400 Kilowatts/hour annually, which is enough energy to light 15 street lamps of 50 watts each or a 1,000 square foot office.

It can also cover around 83% of the electrical consumption of a French household, the company highlights.

The company, which was launched in 2011, created its first and second prototypes in 2013 and 2014, respectively. In 2015, the company launched its pre-series in France, Germany and Switzerland. Swiss bank Piguet Galland was among the first to install Tree Vent in Geneva.

Earlier this year, the company’s innovation finally hit the market with plans for it to be exported next year.