This water smells weird, it also tastes weird. A statement made by many after taking a sip of tap or bottled water. This statement is often left uninvestigated but a new water bottle promises to test the quality of water filled in it and filter it if necessary.

The Ecomo water bottle can be filled from anywhere. Shaking the bottle will test the contaminants in the water and a real-time alert will appear on the bottle, informing the holder about the quality of water. The water bottle tests the levels of total organic carbon, the total dissolved solids, turbidity and temperature.  If the water has bad quality, the bottle users can twist the base of the bottle to filter it. After the filtration process is complete, a new alert will appear, informing the holder that the quality is now high.

The bottle’s filters include: an activated Carbon Fiber to remove chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and petroleum as well as Ion Exchange Fiber to remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury, copper and cadmium. It also has a Nanofiber Membrane to remove cysts and bacteria.

At USD $129, the bottle comes with the wearable water-quality tracker, which can remain attached to the bottle or worn around the wrist. When the filter needs to be replaced, a notification will appear on the bottle, alerting its user.

Ecomo launched a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter and collected over USD $ 146,000 at the time of writing.