Engineers Chris Matthews and Justin Sonnett from US-based company Saros are working on developing a device that would desalinate ocean water using a cheaper and easier method. The engineers have developed the first prototype and are now working on finalizing the second prototype.

“Small scale desalination systems are on the market but have complicated components, do not reduce or promote sustainability and require imported fossil fuels or large amounts of electricity,” the company says.

“Currently, many designs of wave energy conversion systems concentrate on the production of electricity rather than desalination, and most of these systems involve complex submerged assemblies requiring a very involved installation, maintenance, and removal process,”it adds.

Instead of relying on traditional energy sources in the desalination process, the device uses wave energy and which means that the process is easier and more affordable.  The device also releases zero emissions.

Saros will be particularly helpful in remote and off-the-grid areas. The company is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.