A new robot named Lucy can serve as an energy efficient alternative to lamps without any use of traditional electricity. The device uses solar energy and a motorized mirror to collect sunlight and reflect it to wherever the user wants.

The robot was produced by Diva Tommei, the co-founder and CEO of startup Italian company Solenica. The device retails for USD $229, weights 6.6 pounds, or 3 kilos, with a 16 inch width, or 40 centimeters.


“Lucy constantly takes light intensity readings using her sensor array, or ‘pointer’. Once you aim the pointer where you want to redirect sunshine, Lucy’s proprietary algorithm uses the light intensity values to position her motorized mirror at the correct angle to illuminate your chosen destination,” the company says.

“As the light source (aka the sun) moves through the sky, Lucy makes micro adjustments to the mirror position to maintain the perfect angle of reflection that keeps the natural light flowing to the same place all day,” the company adds.

As long as the robot has access to sunlight it can operate and it will never need to be plugged in to any electricity.  The company has already started testing and started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help with the mass production process.