California-based company Click and Grow renovated the concept of urban gardening with a new indoor “Smart Garden” that can be plugged in electricity and placed on your kitchen table. According to the company, users can “fill the tank, and your garden will take care of the rest.”

“This Smart Garden grows fresh food for you containing up to 600% more antioxidants with zero effort,” the company says. “Our system is the easiest indoor gardening solution on the market, and it involves far less noise than the hydroponic systems. All you have to do is fill the water tank, plug the garden in and boom! – the Smart Garden 9 takes it from there.”

The ability of the garden to take care of itself comes from its smart soil. Unlike ordinary soils, the smart, biodegradable soil breathes with the plant and can predicts its needs which allows it to disperses air and water mixture accordingly.

“Click & Grow is the only technology that reduces the moisture level in the root zone in a very controlled manner, and thereby uses water stress to increase bioactive compounds (antioxidants) in plants,” the company says, highlighting that “by doing this, we’ve been able to raise the percentage of antioxidants in some of our plants by almost 600% that of store-bought alternatives.”

The US-based company argues that its garden system is 68% cheaper than other gardening methods. It also states that plants grow 30% with the smart garden using 95% less water. On their crowdfunding campaign’s page, the company’s initial retails price for smart garden for USD $79