Away from Cairo noises, traffic and pollution, KarmBuild brought urban, sustainable life to the headquarters of their mother company KarmSolar in Sahl Hasheesh. A building that breathes, KarmSolar company describes it, highlighting that the suitable building is powered by solar energy.

Mounting systems that carry the solar panels were designed by Egyptian jewelry designer Azza Fahmy. Ahmed Zahran, the CEO of Karm Solar, said during a presser held earlier this week.  It might come as a surprise that Zahran met with Fahmy for inspiration. They started working together to come up with Azza Fahmy buildings. Influenced by heritage, KarmBuild and Azza Fahmy came up with buildings.

“Team work is the most important thing,” Fahmy said.” This is a hard working group who worked hard and relied on research. My expertise in heritage helped the project come out the way it is. I have taught that team but I have also learnt from them.”

Since its founding in 2011, the company has helped seven clients to be powered by solar energy, mitigating 22 tons of CO2 and saving 7971 liters of diesel per day. According to KarmSolar, KarmBuild “is the only company in Egypt to integrate solar energy technology into a building’s design and our architects work with a wide range of materials and construction methods.”

“We wanted to be more than just a company that gets things and installs them,” CTO of KarmSolar Omar Hosny said Omar. “We wanted a green building. We found a need in the market and then developed a company that focuses on green building,” Hosny adding, highlighting that the company also built a village that has solar energy integrated within.

The company’s innovation will beyond solar and architectural solutions. KarmSolar is cooperating with Sahl Hasheesh to build a startup hub for tech companies that are seeking to leave Cairo behind and internally migrate.