US-based company Kogalla came up with a new solar power bank that harvests sun light and allows you to charge your phone and other fast-charging devices whenever and wherever you go.  The panels comes with dual high-current USB power ports – around 12 watts each- that helps users power lights and other accessories.

“We tend not think of our phone as a survival tool, but in an emergency, it becomes our communication lifeline. In this situation, the last thing we need is our phone to die,” the company says.  “At Kogalla, we’ve integrated a 10,000 milliampere-hour (mAh) storage bank with a rugged 22-watt-foldable solar array to create a compact, lightweight, easy-to-carry unit.”

“In full sun the Kogalla Solar Storage Bank charges in 3-4 hours and holds enough power to charge your phone 3-4 times,” the company adds.  Kogalla’s mass production will start in January 2017.  The project has collected  USD $24,279 which is 243% of the original USD $10,000. The solar power bank can also be charged like a standard storage bank using its micro-USB port.