You bite into an apple, and as soon as you reach the core, you simply throw it in the trash without hesitation. A new device, called the Zera Food Recycler, transforms food waste into fertilizer, which then can be used for gardens, lawns, and more. The true innovation, however, lies in the process taking only 24 hours to complete.

Just as one would use a garbage can, the user opens a sliding cover and places scraps inside. Food can be added throughout the day until the container is full. By closing the cover and pushing the start button, the device begins its process to convert food into fertilizer. It can also be started remotely via a mobile app.

Unlike composting, the company claims that Zera can recycle all types of food, including meat and dairy. The device requires minimal maintenance and does not attract pests.

“Even better than recycling food waste, is beautifying your own landscaping and plants at the same time. The fertilizer created from the Zera device can be spread on top of the soil of your lawn, garden, or outdoor potted plants, releasing nutrients into the soil,” the company says on its crowdfunding campaign page.

The device has a modern, clean look and costs around $1199. The original price on Indiegogo for early-bird investors was $699, which has sold out, along with the $899 package. The current price offers a savings of 17% off retail at $999. The company has raised a total of $292,472 so far—almost 6 times its original goal of $50,000.