A California-based company has developed a solar system that collects heat from the sun and then redirects it to power modules, for processes such as water purification, without relying on any extra infrastructure. The system, Tenkiv Nexus, can serve as an alternative to traditional water purification methods, which require additional energy to function and make it difficult for communities that don’t have access to the necessary resources.

“The Tenkiv Nexus is a fully modular renewable energy system. It uses heat from the sun in order to power anything for 1/13th the cost of existing solar panels and 1/5th the cost of fossil fuels without any subsidies,” the company says on its crowdfunding page. “It’s the breakthrough the world’s been waiting for that finally enables us to truly utilize the most abundant source of power available on earth: the sun.”

The system can produce up to 2,000 liters per day without relying on any external power, the company claims.

“We’ve already started deployment of the Tenkiv Nexus for water purification, but over time we’ll replace more and more of the world’s dying energy infrastructure with this new, more powerful, cost-effective, and completely clean energy nexus,” the company adds on its website. Tenkiv Nexus is made out of steel and glass and can be used in any environment.


The collection of drinking water from thin air is a trend that’s been gaining notable momentum. Zero Mass Water has also developed a solar panel, called Source, that produces clean energy as well as fresh drinking water. Similar to how an air conditioner produces water drops, the panel is able to collect water vapor from hot air. Once captured, it’s evaporated to remove pollutants, using the energy produced from the solar panel. The water then flows from a faucet placed on the side of the panel.

Another invention is WaterSeer—a new turbine that condenses water from air and keeps it clean and cool with the help of an underground reservoir. “WaterSeer is working to help people get clean water right where they live. WaterSeer condenses pure water from the air without power or chemicals. It is green, sustainable, simple, low-maintenance, easily deployed and scalable for any community,” the company said.