Growing food locally is the future.

At least that’s what IKEA’s Space10 believes, and to promote this vision, it has released open-source plans for a vertical garden called the Growroom.

The indoor farm was originally launched in 2016 as an affordable solution for urban gardening.

Met with much fanfare, the Growroom was destined to be a success, but for Space10, something wasn’t quite right.

“The original version of the Growroom sparked interest, and people requested to either buy or exhibit the Growroom. But it doesn’t make sense to promote local food production and then start shipping it across oceans and continents,” its site states.

Wanting to encourage sustainable gardening and the return of nature in cities, Space10 decided to forgo a commercial release and instead offer the Growroom’s instruction manual to the public, free of charge.

The Growroom Indoor Garden (Space10)

The Growroom Indoor Garden (Space10 via Alona Vibe)

Established as IKEA’s innovation lab in Copenhagen, Space10 is dedicated to “the future of urban living by detecting major challenges that will impact people on a global scale and exploring possible solutions.”

Partnering with Danish architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum, the lab delved into the challenge of local food production.

The result is an elegant spherical garden. With a relatively small footprint (2.8 x 2.5 meters), the Growroom is an attractive addition to any space, with the purpose of growing an abundance of vegetables, herbs and plants.

According to Space10, it’s about empowering people to grow their own food in a beautiful and sustainable indoor garden.

The ingenuity of the Growroom lies in its simple design, requiring only 17 pieces of plywood, 2 rubber hammers and access to a CNC milling machine to build.

With the advent of community workshops, such as fab labs and maker spaces, custom fabrication is becoming more accessible to the average person.

“This means most people — in theory — could produce almost anything themselves. Just as printers are now ubiquitous, local and on-demand, customized production could become the norm of the future,” proclaims the Space10 site.

As the world grows in population, so does the demand for food production. The Growroom offers a simple, sustainable approach—one that seems to be a step in the right direction.