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Air Taxi Indicates New Future for Urban Transport

Airbus has released to the public the first glance at its air taxi "Vahana," adding to the already lengthy list of initiatives oriented towards changing the future of urban transport as we know it.
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#Habitat3: Who Will Build Our Cities?

It is estimated that, by 2030, six out of every 10 people will live in cities, meaning that now more than ever, cities need to be versatile in how they accommodate and adapt to new migrant populations. But how can we see the influx of people into our cities as a source of re-invention and innovation rather than the source of endless problems? And what role can entrepreneurs and innovators play in building the cities of our future?
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Leafs of Wind: Paris’ Tree Vent

One Tree Vent can hold up to 72 wind turbines, or Aeroleaves, and produce 2400 Kilowatts/hour annually, with minimal noise and space.
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Leafs of Light: New Delhi’s Solar Tree

Installed on a tall, vertical pole, branch-like solar cells can harness 10% more power than average panels, while taking up much less space.
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Four US Cities Win Grants to Better Quality of Life

Portland follows London’s footsteps and installs air quality monitors while Newport News develops flood prediction systems, as the White House grants $350,000 to four winning projects.
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The Sea as a City: Floating Urban Solutions

From floating farms and student dorms, to public art and emergency housing, more and more urban innovators are looking to bodies of water to solve city issues.