Reading Time: 1 minute The DIY Eco-Cooler uses materials like recycled plastic bottles and cardboard.

Eco-Cooler: The Electricity-Free, Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner

With no engineering skills needed, anyone can create their own electricity-free air conditioner "Eco-Cooler" thanks to a copyright-free innovation that recycles used plastic bottles and can reduce indoor temperatures by 5° Celsius.
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Singapore: Augmented Reality to Cut Urban Noise Pollution

Using this technology, urban designers will be able to listen to the simulated sounds of the bustling city of Singapore and “see” how different noise sources act together using AR headphones in an attempt to reduce noise pollution.
Reading Time: 1 minute Optical Illusions Force Drivers to Slow Down

Indian Optical Illusions Force Drivers to Slow Down

Using nifty perspective techniques, a mother and daughter artistic duo are helping the city of Ahmedabad force drivers to slow down, by making zebra crossings appear like 3D road blocks when seen from a certain distance.